What is Jottopia? 

JOTTOPIA.com is A worldwide collaboration using the creative language and the artistic expression of storytelling.  Our Pros section also invites users and aspiring storytellers to collaborate with acclaimed authors, directors, producers, and artists, working side by side on amazing stories.  

Humanity has been shaped by its stories. Now imagine the entire world sitting around a campfire collectively and collaboratively pouring out their hearts and souls through the power of storytelling. Imagine people all over the world regaining a newfound appreciation for the power of the written word. Imagine unlocking the creative genius hiding inside all of us, awakened and aroused, in truly imaginative tales of romance, magical fantasy, mystical adventure or dramatic mystery. Imagine all that--and more--and you have just imagined JOTTOPIA.com

This is the beginning of a new revolutionary evolution in creative story telling - where the whole world tells the story together. Welcome to the world of JOTTOPIA.

What is Jottology?

Jottology is an innovative, entertaining and invaluable resource tool for teachers that is practically guaranteed to get students excited about collaborating and composing stories, while increasing their writing abilities, social skills and sharpening minds.  Our easy to use system is great for classrooms, computer labs, after-school and enrichment programs.

Jottopia vs Jottology?

Jottopia is designed for the everyday user so the whole world can create stories together.  Jottology is created with teachers and groups in mind and offers a contained, controlled environment for just you and your classroom or group.  

What is a Jot?

A “Jot” is your amazing, added story plot. At the end of each story chain, click the 'add a “Jot' button and in the Jot box add your jot and help create and guide the story as it evolves.

Can I edit my Jot once I add it to a story?

No.  Jots can not be edited once you add them to a story.  We suggest you check for spelling and punctuation errors and make sure your Jot makes sense and flows well. 

Why am I timed on adding my jot?

We have created a time limit for users, when adding a jot to a story, that helps lock the story so another user can not add another jot between the current end of the story, and the new idea you are about to add.  This also prevents multiple users from suddenly adding jots at the same time which could cause inconsistence with the flow of the story.

What happens when the timer hits zero "00:00"?

We have heard reports of some users turning into pumpkins.  Also, when the timer hits zero, the jot box is unlocked for any other user to take your place (if they are quicker on the draw to click the 'add a jot' button before you) and lock the system for them to work on the next jot.

NOTE: If you take longer than 15 minutes to create you jot and submit it, the page will refresh, your jot will disapear and another user can take your place or you will simply have to start over.  So use your time wisely.

Is Jottopia and Jottology safe for kids?

Yes! Both Jottopia and Jottology are designed with safety in mind and use a unique monitoring and language filtering system to protect users from undesired material. Also, the free storytelling section is monitored daily to prevent bullying of any kind.  If you spot anything you feel is unacceptable behavior, that we miss, please let us know via email:  http://www.jottopia.com/contact/   

We are dedicated to always improving to keep Jottopia and its products a fun, entertaining environment.  

NOTE: Stories created within a purchased Jottology license must be monitored by the administrator of that class/group. for privacy purpose Jottopia does not monitor licensed group activity. Please read Jottopia Rules for more detail on our Jottopia Safety Commitment.

Can I be banned as a user?

Yes.  As a creative world, we strive to keep Jottopia a fun and entertaining environment.  Please take a look at Jottopia's RULES page below for details about being banned and flagged as a user.

Can I help police Jottopia as a user?

You can help Jottopia remain a fun and entertaining environment for everyone.  If you discover odd behavior or inappropriate material in a story, please report that user's name (you can see the user name by hovering over the jot in question). Send us an email referencing the story and user name @  http://www.jottopia.com/contact/  

We will investigate and take the appropriate measures.

NOTE: Stories created within a purchased Jottology license must be monitored by the administrator of that class/group. for privacy purpose Jottopia does not monitor licensed group activity. Please read Jottopia Rules for more detail on our Jottopia Safety Commitment.

Which types of devices does Jottopia work best on?

Jottopia's products work best on desktops, laptops, and tablets.  You may experience design and sizing issues when using Jottopia on a smartphone.  

Which Browsers does Jottopia products work best on?

Jottopia products and services work best on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.  

NOTE: Internet Explorer is no longer supported or recommended.

I’m having trouble with site elements not working correctly?

Jottopia and Jottology are currently in beta. We are always focused on ways to improve our online experience and make it the best for our users. If you have any technical concerns or glitches, please let us know about it.  We will promptly investigate and do our best to correct the issue.  Product service and quality is very important to us.  We stand behind this product 100% and have made customer satisfaction our number one priority.

FAQ - Educators, Classrooms and Groups


Are student stories in Jottology license groups, private from outside users? 

Yes. Your students will belong to a password protected group, set up and monitored by you, the teacher/administrator.

Can the teacher account be changed?

Yes.  Passwords can be changed at any time on the administrator / teacher sign in page.

Can teachers remove students from class groups?

Educators can accept or suspend students from their account by clicking the green check mark or the red X next to the student user’s name on the administrator / teacher account page.

Does my Jottology account automatically renew?

For your convenience and to prevent interruption of your service Jottopia/Jottology will automatically renew your account yearly per your permission. An email will be sent to you 30 days prior to your renew date, as a reminder.  Please contact us to cancel.

If my school enrolls, what kind of support will I receive?

We stand behind this product 100% and have made customer satisfaction our number one priority.  Please contact Jottopia with any questions, issues or suggestions.  We are here to help.  

How to Contact Us:

If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, please send us an email via our "contact us" support page below.  We will do our best to respond to you within 24 Hours.