How to Start New Stories:

Pick your favorite genre and let your imagination run wild.

Create New Stories

Choose "Start a Story" from any story section page.

Create a story title and opening.

Pick one or more genres and save and close the story.

Open Stories page for a list of all genre stories.

Open Genre page, to search stories via your favorite genre.

You’ve picked a plot.  Now add a jot.

  • The jot button is at the bottom of every story. Click in to open the jot box.

  • If another user is adding a jot, the jot box will let you know how long you have before you can jump in there and create greatness!

  • If you stop jotting or take longer than 15 minutes, the page will refresh, your jot will erase and another user can take your place.   So use your time wisely.

  • You can add as many jots to a story as you would like.  Even back to back jots. 

  • Click Submit Jot to add your jot to the story.

  • To start over on your Jot, simply delete what you've written.

  • Double space down to start a new paragraph.

  • Jots are 100 words or less, so make ‘em count.

  • Please help keep stories coherent.  We don’t mind crazy plot twists, just make ‘em creative and great!

*Before starting please checkout FAQ's and JOTTOPIA RULES below.