How to Create a New Classroom or User Group

Lets get the gang together!

You’ve purchased a Classroom, Teacher or Group License.... Now what?

  • Start by creating a standard user account.  Click the 'Registered' link at the top of the 'Stories' section of Jottopia, and register.  After this, Jottopia's system will convert your standard user account into a Teacher/Administrator account. 

  • NOTE: Please allow up to 12 hours for the process of converting a standard account to a Teacher/Administrator account. You will be notified by email.

After your account has been converted, the next step is for you to create your Classroom/Group name in the 'My Classroom' section of the drop down menu on the top, right hand side of the screen by clicking your User Name.

Upon giving your classroom or group a name, the system will generate your unique code.

  • Have your students (group) each create/register a user and password just like you did. They will each go into 'My Account' on the drop down menu by their name in the upper right hand side of the screen and enter the code you gave them in the 'Edit My Profile' area, which will attach them to your classroom (group).  

  • After they click on 'Save' you should be able to see them when you go into your 'My Classroom' page and click on the number of students.  They'll be all set to start some stories or add jots to others' story openers.

*Before starting please checkout FAQ's and JOTTOPIA RULES below.