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Create New Stories

Choose "Start a Story" from any story section page.

Create a story title and opening.

Pick one or more genres and save and close the story.

Open Stories page for a list of all genre stories.

Open Genre page, to search stories via your favorite genre.

You’ve picked a plot.  Now add a jot.

  • The jot button is at the bottom of every story. Click in to open the jot box.

  • If another user is adding a jot, the jot box will let you know how long you have before you can jump in there and create greatness!

  • If you stop jotting or take longer than 15 minutes, the page will refresh, your jot will erase and another user can take your place.   So use your time wisely.

  • You can add as many jots to a story as you would like.  Even back to back jots. 

  • Click Submit Jot to add your jot to the story.

  • To start over on your Jot, simply delete what you've written.

  • Double space down to start a new paragraph.

  • Jots are 100 words or less, so make ‘em count.

  • Please help keep stories coherent.  We don’t mind crazy plot twists, just make ‘em creative and great!

School and Homeschool Accounts:

If you have created a School, Classroom, Teacher, Homeschool or Group account, please refer back to this page for more detailed instructions. (coming soon)

NOTE: After you have subscribed for an account in one or more of these groups, Your next step is to create a free/standard user account if you haven't already done so. Once that step is completed,

please allow up to twelve hours for your account to be converted into a teacher/group account. You will be notified once this step is completed so that you can begin building your classroom and creating storytelling magic.

For other questions or instructions, please see our 'Help' page or email us at

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