Teacher License $120/yr.


Teacher License $120/yr.


Up to 7 Classroom Periods

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  Welcome Fellow Jottopians.  

Why is Jottology Cool For School?

Collaborative Storytelling Improves Creative Thinking, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Helps Expand Vocabulary, Improves Comprehension and Communication.  Jottology will get your students excited about telling stories, reading and writing.

Teacher License Includes:

  • Admin account licenses at school location for one (1) teacher and students (1 yr./365 days)*

  • Collaborative system accessible in or outside of the classroom

  • Create one (1) individual teacher account for up to seven (7) periods

  • Private collaborative classroom environment with up to 45 students per classroom period 

  • Admin/Teacher management controls for all classrooms and students

  • Save 'Works in progress' when creating stories via publish/unpublished feature

  • Jot Comment/Note System (coming soon)

  • Safe word filter for a pleasant and secure creative environment 

  • Jottopia Pro Pages: Students can collaborate with professionals in the industry (Expanding every month)

  • Tips From The Pros: All Access Tips & Interviews for educational users (coming soon)

  • Monomyth Story Structure Educator: Learn the Art of Storytelling

  • Bonus lesson plans created by our Jottology team (For Grades 4-12)  

  • User Friendly Navigation

  • Oh! Did We Mention Unlimited Creative Imagination?


*NOTE: All Jottology Educational Licenses are an Annual Subscription (Starts from day of account activation - 365 days)