It's been 32 years since the destruction of the Empire's second Death Star...

The Empire is crushed and the rebellion has won, right? Wait, what the?!! The New Order has risen and what’s this? They don’t have a moon…it’s a space station. 

With less than a week away it seems the entire world has caught a case of that virus going around known as Star Wars Fever. And in the new movie, Star Wars the Force Awakens, something is looming that is exciting and familiar...can you feel it?

A new Death Star. Or Death Planet should we say. It's a space station, no wait it's a planet, no, I'm sorry it looks like, yeah….I think it's a space station….wait, actually I think it's both.

While the Internet fevers over why Luke Skywalker is not present in any marketing material, creating theories of every kind, including his turn to the Darkside, we at Jottopia noticed something no one is talking about. 

We started thinking months ago, after seeing the official trailer and the official movie poster, that the planet in the poster’s background (image A below) is obviously a new Death Star, and the trench on the snow planet (image B) is the seam where the new Death Star opens up to reveal its true identity.  It's Death Star incognito!

It seems that after watching the Empire loose two “out in the open” Death Stars, at a cost of $8,100,000,000,000,000,000 ($8.1 Septillion!?), which is 13,000 times the world's GDP or $1.4 Trillion times the US debt, the New Order wised up and decided to disguise this new threat to the galaxy as a frozen ice ball planet.  Good move Darkside. Finally some out of the box thinking!

We hope this theory is the case, cause it's just a cool concept!! Nice call JJ. 

P.S. - It also looks like this may be the first Star Wars film without a battle sequence in space.  Very interesting!!