I've always been intrigued by stories.  From my love of movies like King Kong (or anything with dinosaurs), Godzilla monster movies, Pirate films, Ray Harryhausen creations and anything Disney, to classic books like War of the Worlds, Three Musketeers, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and “Choose Your Own Adventure” books.  Remember those?  At a young age I identified with many characters and was drawn to their journey within these stories.  

And then, one summer night in May of 1977, a magical event happened that would set the stage for my long future of storytelling.  Having just turned 7 years of age, my parents took me to see a new story spectacle, Star Wars.  It was mythical storytelling at it’s best for a new generation and my school age fascination and creative imagination exploded full throttle.  I’ve been making movies and telling stories in all forms ever since. 

When I first envisioned the idea of a new creative platform in storytelling, I knew that vision would need to reflect a world of unlimited imagination. The ultimate storytelling destination. 

This idea of Jottopia is one that came upon me very easily. It's a worldwide campfire where everyone contributes to a story. The idea is thousands of years old. I knew the internet was filled with individuals and groups who shared the same passion for creating stories however, nobody had perfected it online. My fascination with storytelling and technology was the perfect marriage for this idea to come to fruition. 

And so, with our recent online launch, it was amazing and so gratifying to see people reaching out from all parts of the globe to contribute to a story started by one person. When I get notified that someone has contributed to a story that I've had a part in, it's a thrill and I can't wait to get on and see what they've written. The whole thing became like a game and it's become very intriguing to see how things develop. 

As a Jotter, you must embrace the collaborative process. That's what makes it so fun. You could have a story turn out completely different from what you originally thought out in your own mind. Someone might introduce a character that takes the story to a level that you never would've imagined. New twists, turns, plot points and amazing locations. Just when you think it'll end, it may take off again. You might start a story as a Mystery and it turns into a Sci-fi Comedy. The possibilities really are limitless. But that's the game! Your challenge is to challenge yourself and challenge others. Draw them in. Hook 'em with your unique voice.

What follows will take you to a wonderful ever-growing world where you’ll learn the art of storytelling, get tips from real people in the business, interact with professional storytellers and more. Whenever inspiration strikes, Jottopia is where amazing stories happen. — So go ahead, tell us a story. Pick a plot, add a jot. 

Chris Taylor, Jottopia CEO/Founder

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