Hollywood Storyteller Tips

Examine one of the world's greatest storytellers, Walt Disney.

Steven Spielberg explains the key element to any genre, including Thrillers.  

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Interview with 'Master of Suspense' Alfred Hitchcock on his specialty.

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CARS Spotlight - John Lasseter talks to Peter Travers about making an inanimate object into a character.  

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Director John Lasseter talks about the heart of TOY STORY.

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Steven Spielberg talks about several scenes from the film SPARTACUS, #81 on AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies List.

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"We stop. We stop and fix the story." ~ Steve Jobs on Pixar's successes & culture.  

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Alfred Hitchcock explains the differences between mystery and suspense at an AFI Seminar in 1970.

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In this video clip, director Steven Spielberg talks about the importance of studying films beyond the recent past, how films of the CITIZEN KANE era influenced him and his filmmaking contemporaries, and how he requires his own children to watch "the classics."

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