We love storytelling.  It's what we do.  It's in our veins. 

Christopher S. Taylor 

CEO / Founder

Chris is an award winning producer, director and writer, with over 20 years of experience in the Hollywood Film and television Industry.  He has developed and produced projects for some of the biggest entertainment names including Universal, Fox, Disney, Grammy Awards and Encore Media.

Jottopia was created out of his love of storytelling.  

Fun Facts:

- As an avid time traveler, Chris spends his free time between centuries.

- Was the first person to scale the olympus mons. (that's on mars, people!)

Kevin Valantine


Kevin’s operational experience has spanned 20 years, working for a large-scale entertainment company as well as small businesses and non-profits in such fields as event production and training development.

His passion for storytelling has been prevalent in all of his professional endeavors, thus making Kevin a perfect marriage for Jottopia.

fun facts:

- Kevin's greatest accomplishment is his eye color and height which he's worked very hard on.

- in his more than 37 years of existence, he has blinked an average of 160,000,000 times, completely missing at least a dozen really cool moments.

Stacey Gonzalez


With degrees in both Accounting and marketing, Stacey has over 20 years of experience as a financial expert, CFO & Controller, and has worked with such firms as ADP.  She has also helped a mega-church in the greater Phoenix area to open one of it's five campuses.     

As an entrepreneur, she founded and built a successful aromatherapy company, "That Makes Scents."  She is also involved in various volunteer positions including leading a ministry team at her church focused on finding homes for foster children in the state of Arizona.

Stacey's experience with start-up companies makes her an invaluable part of the team.  


- Has been cloned more than once. (whereabouts of clones unknown.)

- Is the only person alive to play an 18 hole round of golf with Big-Foot.  Big-Foot won the tournament shooting 3 under par.